A Second Day Awakening from the night
of suicidal thinking

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"Even with 30 years in social work, I didn’t fully comprehend suicidal thinking until the author of A Second Day, Russ Crabtree, came to speak to my class.  He shared more than facts; he shared that part of himself which allowed survivors of the dark night of suicidal thinking to end their silence. At the same time he taught how to come along side someone contemplating suicide and help them to enter the second day when the “black fire of suicidal thoughts has been extinguished”.  He doesn’t present a lecture; he provides an experience."

Peg Earhart LISW, ACSW
Zane State University


A 1-1/2 to 3 hour, interactive experience for groups wanting to learn how to prevent suicide.  The presentation reveals suicide as a major public health issue, identifying signs that someone is thinking of suicide, steps to take to keep someone safe, and practice asking and telling.


A 1-1/2 to 3 hour, interactive experience for leaders in faith communities who are interested in learing how they can integrate suicide prevention as a regular aspect of their life and work.
May 6, 2014
Hope and Connection
Suicide Prevention and Awareness
Lancaster, PA

Hello, I am a Second Day person.

I am a person who spent some time in the Night of suicidal thinking when I seriously considered suicide as an option for ending my life.

My name is Russ Crabtree, but many of my friends call me Fe Anam Avis, which means faith - soul - bird.  I changed my legal name as one part of the rebirth process required to survive.  I tell my story in the book A Second Day.

As a former pastor, I dealt with a number of families who lost loved ones to suicide...too many.  Now, we are collecting stories of hope in The Second Day Project that can be made available to those in the Night of suicidal thinking.  To learn more about The Second Day Project click here.

If you are a Second Day person, that is, if you went through a time in your life when you seriously considered suicide, and you found a way out, others need to hear your story.

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